Costly Pay-Per-Click Mistakes to Avoid

Most businesses might be thinking that pay-per-click is irrelevant these days. On the contrary, pay-per-click remains to be one of the most effective and fastest ways to attract more customers. If not implemented properly, a pay-per-click campaign can be quite costly for your part, and knowing the most common of them can help save you from doing them once you start your own PPC campaign.

Leading to your Home Page or Contact Page

If you’re using a specific product you offer as your keyword, then don’t lead them to your home page and make them search for the product themselves, or worse, force them to enter their contact details. If possible, direct them to targeted landing pages, or custom landing pages which provide the information the visitor is looking for.

Negative Keywords

This is important for your pay-per-click campaign, since these can protect your ads and keep them from showing up when users are searching for keywords which are not among your products and services.


Before posting your PPC ads, it’s essential for you to split-test them by making versions of your ad’s text for each PPC ad groups, which can help determine which wordings lead to most clicks. The good thing is that almost every engine allows for split-testing, but keep in mind to display your ad variations at random to best determine what would work for you.


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