UK Brand Marketing Company Releases a New Product “Video Marketing”

Brand Marketing Zone Ltd., a well-known advertising and marketing firm across the U.K. releases a new video marketing product. According to a study conducted by Cisco, video content will make up almost 70 per cent of all global consumer internet traffic by 2017.


Online Brand Marketing Company Offers New Product for Dental Practices


Brand Marketing Zone Ltd., a premier online brand marketing company known throughout the U.K., has added a new service called “Marketing for Dentists”. This new product is aimed at helping dental practices build their brands and increase their online visibility. According to a study conducted by Sesame Communications, 93 percent of dental patients find it more convenient to find answers online instead of calling an office. Furthermore, the Pew Research Center has found that people with dental problems are actively seeking for dentists online. The study said that 72 percent of internet users look for health information, 25 percent look up their symptoms, and 46 percent end up getting medical attention.

Online Brand Marketing Company Helps Restaurants Draw More Customers


Brand Marketing Zone, Ltd, an online brand marketing company helps restaurants attract more customers by taking advantage of the boost in mobile searches. More than any other industry, restaurants are the most searched on mobile devices, getting a nearly 90% conversion rate with most of this number converting within the hour. However, many restaurants fail to capitalize on this opportunity as only a few have mobile optimised websites. An estimated 75% of all restaurant searches are done by mobile users, and if websites aren’t displayed properly on mobile devices, customers tend to lose interest.

Brand Marketing Company Launches Marketing Services for Lawyers

Brand Marketing Zone Ltd., brand marketing company, launches its online marketing services for lawyers. This adds to the broad array of services already offered by the company to different kinds of organizations.

The company recognizes the need of lawyers reaching out to potential clients in a digitally attuned world. It takes pride in having figured out the behaviour of people who are looking for legal services: many rely on online searches for a particular geographical area and expertise when looking for a lawyer to represent them.

Brand Marketing Company Releases New Product Called Brand Establisher


Renowned brand marketing company Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. is proud to announce the release of its newest offering: Brand Establisher. The product is offered in packages and provides businesses the opportunity to secure and establish their brands on the Internet using social media, blogs, and local directory profiles. With this new product, companies can enjoy a more secure path to success.

Too many businesses today make the mistake of focusing too much on the domain name. Unknown to many is that acquiring account names—as well as the URLs for profiles on social media, blogs, and directories—is equally paramount. Without a brand protection strategy, a business faces the threat of online squatting, in which another individual who is neither related to nor recognized by the company has already created an account on social media profiles with the exact name as the legitimate brand.